Centres of excellence

The JEAN MONNET activities of the ERASMUS+ programme include 6 actions aiming at enhancing education and research excellence regarding European studies in the world.

These activities are implemented in order to stimulate the dialogue between the University and political officials of the European Union.

Priority is given to European integration and of the Europe’s role in the globalization era, and to active citizenship so as a dialog between European people and culture.

Activity 3: Centres of excellence

What is it?

These centres of excellence are supposed to be a reference point about capacities and knowledge in the field of European affairs. They bring together knowledge and experience of high level experts in order to link some themes about European Union, to implement transnational activities so as create links between institutions of other countries.

They also can be addressed to students which work in related areas, to policy makers, to public servants, and to civil society and general public.

The institutions wishing to apply have to be a Higher Education institution based in any country of the world. They have to have signed up an Erasmus charter for Higher Education.

What type of activities?ERASMUS+ centres of excellence

Some types of activities are allowed for Higher Education institutions such as:

  • Organisation and coordination of human and documental resources in the field of European studies
  • Research activities about special themes
  • Creation of didactic material in order to actualize and complete existent courses
  • Enhance debate and exchanges of experiences about European Union
  • Systematic publication of research activities results.

Centres of excellence may have to implement activities such as information and communication campaigns at European level, creation of events for the results activities dissemination or publication of the activities through free access educational resources.

From EMC, we encourage all of you to submit some projects under the different ERASMUS actions and to write us at for receiving our help and support if needed.

Moreover, if you want to be informed on all different calls from European programs that finance projects related to the thematic of the ERASMUS+ PROGRAM or any other kind of calls for education and good practices, you can register you to our European observatory and find those calls which best fit with your organization or project in 2017.

Claire Annic – Trainee European funding consultant in EMC

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