In honour of the Europe day that is celebrated every year on 9th May, it’s convenient to remind what the European Union is and why the Union possesses its special day?

The “Declaration of Schuman” (French foreign Minister) that took place on May 9 1950 has been taken as reference for launching and celebrating the Europe day.

During its speech, Schuman made allusion to the creation of a new form of political cooperation in order to prevent another conflict as the Second World War. This kind of cooperation was outlined under the creation of a European institution for managing the production of coal and steel. The European Coal and Steel Community – ECSC was officially created one year later. This initiative is considered as the premise of what is today the European Union.

The ECSC gathered Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Then, the European Economic Community was created in 1957 in order to promote a single market. Since then the European Community do not ceased to improve its objectives and expand its field of action for finally adopting the name of European Union in 1993 that is nowadays composed by 28 countries.

The European Union is an economic association strongly committed in several sectors: economic, social, regulatory, financial, etc.

The European state enables us, among other things, to freely circulate, living and working abroad, have a single market as economic motor and all of that under the umbrella of democratic treaties ratified by all the member states.

9th May is then the Europe day and for this occasion the European institution open their doors to the public (Brussels and Luxembourg) and the EU delegations based abroad organize several activities and events for every kind of public as debates, concerts, and a series of events aiming at knowing better the EU.

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Find more information about the events that are taking place in the Europe Day celebration here, in the following links:

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