portada webGOVeIN is a research project funded by Connecting Europe Facility programme, which aims to facilitate the adoption of the e-invoicing by public and private entities in the health sector. EMC will participate directly in the project by providing support for administrative and communication management.


sociosThe project will last 13 months (1 October 2016 – 31 October 2017) and have been granted with a total budget of 1.1 Million Euros. The project brings together the main actors related to the cross-border exchange of electronic invoice in the Public Health area, including hospital trusts and laboratories.

The consortium in charge of carrying out this project is made up of 19 organizations from 9 countries and is led by Edicom (Spain) with the support of European Management Consulting – EMC (Spain).

The EU Directive 2014/55 of the European Parliament and Council, on electronic invoicing in public procurement, aims to develop a European system ensuring interoperability among Member States, to facilitate public procurement and cross-border e-commerce.

Based on this EU Directive, this project consists of establishing a consortium in the European public health area in order to implement a pilot project for the exchange of e-invoices with public administrations in accordance with the specifications on semantic interoperability set out.

Some advantages of eInvoicing are:

  • eInvoices are easier to process, they reach the customer faster and can be stored centrally at very low cost.
  • Faster payment by customers (such as public administrations) through significantly reducing transit time.
  • Quicker and cheaper processing as information in eInvoices can be fed directly into payment and accounting systems.
  • Help develop the European market by supporting solution providers in their transactions with public authorities in the context of new legislation.

The principal objectives of the project can be summarised in the following items:

  • Enhance eInvoincing interoperability by the implementation of a multi-syntax solution able to handle e-invoicing in multiple standards, according to the needs of each participant with their own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and the specifications detailed in the European regulation (including EN invoicing standard and as a starting point PEPPOL BIS), in order to achieve semantically interoperable electronic documents.
  • Increase user awareness and adoption of the eInvoicing Directive. The action will develop a communication plan to business, public authorities and other stakeholders in the health sector, based on a successful deployment of the solution during the action to 9 End Users (buyers and sellers) from several European countries.
  • eInvoicing Services Business Development: The action will undertake the market analysis and business plan to ensure the sustainability of the action.

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