ERASMUS+ERASMUS+: Civil cooperation in the field of youth and in the field of education and training

What is it?

These opportunities aim at bringing a structural support (i.e. operating grants) for:

  • The awareness of actors affected in European strategic programs in the fields of education, training and youth programs of specific action, as well as the strategy of the European Union for youth.
  • The increase in the commitment and cooperation of stakeholders affected by public authorities to set up strategies and reforms in the field of education and training as well as youth.
  • Encouraging the participation of organizations acting in the areas of education, training and youth.
  • Intensification of the participation of the actors contributing to actions and results dissemination of the strategy and program, as well as good practices among its members and beyond.

What kind of activities?

 For the opportunity 2:

  • The promotion of the possibility of youth employment through activities fostering the development of skills through informal education.
  • Encourage the empowerment of young people in society as well as their participation in the decision-making process.jovenes empresarios
  • The contribution to the personal, socio-educational and professional development of young people in Europe.
  • The contribution of the development of an European, national, regional or local socio-educational animation.
  • The contribution to the debate concerning the start-up and development of policies that affect young people and organizations of youth at a European, national, regional or local level.
  • The promotion of intercultural learning, respect for diversity and the values of solidarity, equal opportunities and the Human Rights for young people in Europe.
  • The promotion of integration into the society of young people with fewer opportunities.


For the opportunity 3:

Organizations acting in the field of education and training have to develop and to carry out innovative, precise and creative strategies and activities in order to ensure:

  • The promotion of excellence and innovation through formal, non-formal and informal learning methods as well as the acquisition of skills (linguistic, numerical and business).
  • Fight against the lack of skills facilitating effective and durable investments, encouraging analysis and debates at European, national and regional level to explore or develop with funding of innovative approaches, increasing the level of success, and reducing churn, improving the attraction of learning, environments etc.
  • Support with a new generation of trainers to improve the professional profile of teachers, educators and leaders of schools by improving the selection.
  • Recognition and assessment of competences through European tools for transparency and recognition of prior learning (including non-formal and informal learning).

Who is it addressed to?

For European non-governmental organizations in the field of youth, or (informal) European networks in the field of youth.


ERASMUS + charter

From EMC, we encourage all of you to submit some projects under the different ERASMUS actions and to write us at for receiving our help and support if needed.

Moreover, if you want to be informed on all different calls from European programs that finance projects related to the thematic of the ERASMUS+ PROGRAM or any other kind of calls for education and good practices, you can register you to our European observatory and find those calls which best fit with your organization or project in 2017.

Claire Annic – Trainee European funding consultant in EMC



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