Although the financial framework of the European Union for the 2014-2020 period gathers numerous programs and instruments that facilitate the implementation of projects financed by the EU, many entrepreneurs are still viewing this option as an unknown world difficult to access.

It is difficult for companies or organizations to find their marks in a very competitive and complex environment.  But not considering the funding opportunities offered by the European funds for financing their innovative projects or the possibility of participating in a cooperation project would be a pity. Participating in such projects is a fantastic way for investing in their own competitiveness in medium and long-term.

Lots of consulting companies and freelance peoples have emerged in order to provide their services in European funds management. They advise the companies on the whole process that have to be initiated for obtaining funding for their projects, from the search of the adequate funds to complex step that corresponds to the redaction of the proper project.

Our team has wished to move forward that’s why we have gathered all our skills and knowledge in European funds management for mixing this knowhow together with the main advantages provided by the new technologies.

For this new European scenario, EMC have created the European funding observatory, a digital platform that acts as a search engine in matter of European funding opportunities, gathering useful information on calls for proposals deriving from programmes as Horizon 2020, Cosme, SME Instrument and many others. The platform has been conceived as an intelligent platform that provides customized information to each company about those opportunities that match with their profiles.

This service is enriched by the support of consultants’ expert in European funding who advises the companies from their initial steps to the presentation of their projects.

Last week we had the opportunity to share our experience with the el Economista, and the article has been published this week in its edition for Andalusia.

The full report can be found at the following link: EMC “elEconomista”

In your organization, how do you identify the best european funding opportunities and what are the main obstacles you meet to access to them? We are looking forward to receive your comments in the blog  and social networks @consultingemc (twitter) and European Management Consulting (Linkedin).

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