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The JEAN MONNET activities of the ERASMUS+ programme include 6 actions aiming at enhancing education and research excellence regarding European studies in the world.

These activities are implemented in order to stimulate the dialogue between the University and political officials of the European Union.

Priority is given to European integration and of the Europe’s role in the globalization era, and to active citizenship so as a dialog between European people and culture.

Activity 4: Support to associations

What is it?

The aim is to enhance studies about European integration. This support allows multidisciplinary associations specialized in EU affairs to further their activities.

The association wishing to apply for this funding has to be a teacher and researchers association specialized in European studies. Their explicit purpose has to contribute to the study of European integration at national and transnational level.

The association, settled in any country of the world, must be officially registered and have an independent legal status.

It is expected for the association to become a multiplier of knowledge, sharing information and communicating on their subject.

Associations should also be prepared to offer open education resource and include open education activities in their project in order to maximise the impact of their work.ERASMUS+

Associations have to develop their own business plan. If the funding is accepted, they are expected to implement the activities as described during the application.

What type of activities?

The ERASMUS+ program offers the possibility for associations to implement activities aiming at broadcasting information about the EU to a larger public.

These activities might be:

  • The publication of a newsletter
  • The creation of a dedicated website
  • The organization of annual meetings for the administration board
  • The organization of specific promotional events

Associations may also use the grant to perform research on specific European issues to advise European policy makers and disseminate the outcomes among relevant institutions, as we well as the public.

From EMC, we encourage all of you to submit some projects under the different ERASMUS actions and to write us at for receiving our help and support if needed.

Moreover, if you want to be informed on all different calls from European programs that finance projects related to the thematic of the ERASMUS+ PROGRAM or any other kind of calls for education and good practices, you can register you to our European observatory and find those calls which best fit with your organization or project in 2017.

Claire Annic – Trainee European funding consultant in EMC

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