Nowadays we can find many public funding sources for companies and organizations. Every year the European Commission and multilateral and national organisms offer to worldwide companies and organizations a wide range of programs. These programs receive funding loans which can determinate companies’ innovation and development process.

Such in the case of European Union and programs like Horizonte 2020, COSME, Erasmus, Galileo and Egnos, Pericles, Hercules or Fiscalis which promote growth and development.
Just for Horizonte 2020 the European Union has a more than 76.000 million euro’s budget. Through this program, the European Union incorporates a range of research and development activities with the aim of facing the main societal challenges, promoting the European industrial leadership and strengthen its scientific basis’ high qualityThis program covers the period 2014-2020. 

In the above-mentioned program, the small and medium enterprises have also a place, which is called SME instrument. It can give funding loans for the analysis of the concept, its development feasibility, its demonstration and market replication, with the aim of supporting commercialization through specific services for profitable results. This instrument is aimed to support those SMEs which want to grow up at international level by an innovative and European dimension project.
As regards the European funding sources, we find not only those ones for growth and employment.
The Economic, Social, Territorial Cohesiveness, Natural Resources, Security and Citizenship are the other areas which can obtain EU funds.

At international level, Banks for Development and multilateral agencies offer different aids with the aim of promoting technological cooperation and competitiveness.

In order to share and to analyze information about strategic value, concerning toEuropean and national projects, helpful to different organisms and enterprises in their path of innovation and competitiveness, the EMC team, composed by experts in R+D projects’ public funding and business, decided to bet on the creation of a specialized blog in Financing Innovation.

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